Upcoming Events

February 22, 2019
Reunion Information can be found at this link.
February 23, 2019
Reunion Information can be found at this link.

Board of Directors

Board Positions to be ratified at February 23, 2019 Meeting:

Up For Re-Election:

Secretary/Treasurer - Rebecca R. Byrd, MD 

First District - J. Donald Kirby, MD 

Fourth District - Alice H. Morgan, MD 

Sixth District - Kirby I. Bland, MD 

Seventh District - Michael A. Callahan, MD

At Large - Theodis Buggs, Jr, MD 

At Large - Mark H. LeQuire, MD

At Large - Wick Many, MD 

To Be Filled:

President Elect – V. Michael Bivins, MD

District Two – Melanie Halvorson, MD 

At Large – Cassandra Comer, MD 

Ex-Officio – Cleve Kinney, MD 

Rotating Off:

Past President - Pink L. Folmar, Jr., MD

District Two - James H. Alford, MD

Ex-Officio - Richard M. Champion, MD


Current 2018-2019 MAA Board of Directors 


Timothy P. Hecker, MD ’04 


John R. Wheat, MD '76


Rebecca R. Byrd, MD '95

Past President

Pink Lowe Folmar, Jr., MD ’72 

District Vice Presidents


J. Donald Kirby, MD ’72 


James H. Alford, MD ’63 


George C. Smith Sr, MD ’65 


Alice H. Morgan, MD ’82 


P. Michael Caruso, MD ’76 


Kirby I. Bland, MD '68


Michael A. Callahan, MD '71

At Large

V. Michael Bivins, MD ’96 

Julia L. Boothe, MD ’02 

Theodis Buggs, Jr., MD ’80 

Michael A. Callahan, MD ’71

Mark H. LeQuire, MD '82

Wick J. Many, Jr., MD '73

J. Terrell Spencer, MD '68


Ex Officio

Richard M. Champion, MD ’69


Student Representatives

Allison Montgomery (Class of 2019)

Bruce Pittman (Class of 2020)

Graham Kirchner (Class of 2021)

Ally Heng (Class of 2022)




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