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James H. Walburn, M.D.

Recipient of the 2019 Garber Galbraith Medical-Political Award

Published Tuesday, March 5, 2019 8:00 am

Dr. James Walburn grew up in Greenville, AL and graduated from high school there in 1958. He would then earn his Bachelor of Science from the University of Alabama in 1962 and begin medical school soon after, graduating from the then Medical College of Alabama in 1966.

He completed his ENT residency at UAB in 1971, followed by a fellowship at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in ENT at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London. After completing his time with the military in 1973, he returned to Alabama to open a practice in Otolaryngology in Tuscaloosa where he would practice until his retirement in 2015.

While practicing he stayed active in organized medicine for several decades. Through his service on several state committees and boards, he has helped develop rules, regulations, and policy that have improved patient safety and increased access to healthcare services in Alabama. Since his appointment in 2011, he has served on the Alabama Medical Licensure Commission and was recently elected as Chairman. He is a past member of the MASA Board of Censors, the State Committee on Public Health, and the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners; serving as Chairman on each.

As stated by Dr. Jorge Alsip in his nomination letter, “few physicians can match Dr. Walburn’s history of service to Alabama’s healthcare community.”


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